Impact of School Violence Incidents on American Students

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Impact of School Violence Incidents on American Students

The life of an American student tends to be a fun filled and a joyous one, with a pressure of the academic studies and sometimes late going home due to curricular activities and other learning stuff. Basketball match practice or a soccer game could be a major part of student’s daily routine. Unfortunately, the American student’s life has sometimes something else to offer. Something horrific one could face in the life.

Uncountable violence or killing cases reported in America involving students from schools and colleges. It sounds terrible when we listen from a news channel about a rampage in an elementary school; a teen killing his/her friend after an argument or a fight or student violence against teachers or students mocking others racially.

These types of incidents happen on the campus, but some cases are reported as inside campus accidents or during school sponsored events. In this article, we are presenting some of the most recent school or college student violence and killing cases which recently reported.

  1. A college student from Homewood fatally shot in North Carolina: A 19-year old student from south suburban Homewood was killed along with one more student on Saturday night at North Carolina party.

Alisia Dieudonne, 19, from Homewood, and Ahmad Campbell, 21, from Kittrell, N.C., shot dead when a fight broke as they were innocent bystanders.

Greensboro police responded about 2:10 a.m. Sunday to a reported disturbance at a Greensboro home located off-campus. Police found Dieudonne, and Campbell shot inside the residence.

Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr. sent an email to the university community that said both victims were “actively involved in campus life and essential members of the Aggie family. They will sorely miss”.

  1. College students are suspended for mocking in “blackface” video: Albright College in Pennsylvania has suspended two students after a video mocking the “Black Lives Matter” movement went viral.

The video, which was uploaded to one of the girls’ Snapchat account, shows a girl named as Carly Dickinson wearing blackface makeup. She calls herself Karlisha and mocks the “Black Lives Matter” movement throughout the video.

The students were asked to leave the Pennsylvania campus immediately, and an investigation is going on.

This is not the first case of students using deeply offensive blackface to mock black people. In September, Paige Shoemaker, a student at Kansas State University was kicked out of school after she posted a picture of herself in blackface on Snapchat.

  1. Shooting at Townville Elementary School: Anderson Co. deputies say there was a shooting at Townville Elementary School at around 1:45 p.m. Wednesday.

The sheriff says the suspect got out of his vehicle and started firing immediately. The suspect was expelled from his school last year for bringing a hatchet to school and attacking a child.

Two 6-year old students and one teacher were hurt and taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, one student died the next day.

  1. Alpine high school shooting in Texas: According to Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson, a female student shot and injured another female student before shooting and killing herself at Alpine High School in Brewster County, Texas.

The shooting comes just two weeks after commencement of school year. It marks the second shooting in the high school this academic year.

Incidents on American Students

The shooting is horrific incident, but unfortunately, the Americans are increasingly familiar with these types of tragedies. The authorities are concerned why gun violence is increasing in the state more than any other developed nation.

These types of incidents are affecting the American students both mentally and morally. It does not only causing the lower efficiency in academic performance but also hostile behavior has witnessed in the everyday lives of the affected students. Moreover, the parents are also reluctant to send their kids to schools after the increasing numbers of violence attack incidents.