Education crucial for nation building

Education crucial for nation building

A plant needs water to grow; building needs a solid base to be built, and the car needs a powerful engine to accelerate. Likewise, a nation needs education to grow, to build and to accelerate. Financial investment on the different economic project may last for ten, twenty or thirty years but investment on human beings, on their education may never be last as it is transferring to the next generation as an inheritance. Education does not necessarily mean academic education; it might include moral education that will be helpful in creating peace and harmony among nations. Education is the only tool which helps in nurturing and developing people.


To raise the living standard and eliminating poverty in the society education should have to prevail as it enlightens the sense of integrity and sovereignty in the nation. To achieve the target of nation building and development the way education is provided to the people is key. Certain factors like the same level of education for every class, no gender discrimination in education needs to be addressed, as a nation will not build together until each and everyone is educated. This aspect is being hurdled by outdated culture and society norms of the region. Many old rituals which have no sound importance and benefits for the people have greater influence on the society that resultant blocks the expansion of education in the society usually for their personal interests.

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We are living in the dynamic and innovation-oriented world and if someone resists to change or do not accept to learn and adapt the changes will fail in his lines and will not be able to cope up with the competitive world, and resultant the nation itself will become redundant and useless. This will also stop them in the tracks of prosperity. Moreover, it is essential for a nation to be updated in its educational system, redesigning of textbooks, children’s literature and teaching methodology should be timely checked and revised.

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Furthermore, it is vital to take education to rural areas and regions of the country. In most of the countries, rural areas are more populated than urban therefore it is necessary for them to educate their urban population as without educating them a nation could not prosper completely. Moreover, skill development should also be provided in workplaces to produce more out of the human resource. It is witnessed that an average worker is working at its 50% capability; the other half was oppressed due to lack of regular training and development in his work.

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For a better and more productive educational system government should take comprehensive measures to enhance the level of education and more importantly to make education available for everyone. For this purpose, the state has to increase their financial budget on education and design a long-term plan and pattern of the education system. For achieving this target governments need to be in the hands of prudent and civilized people;ss who know the importance of education in nation building. Moreover, experienced educationists should also be hired to address a different aspect of educational system more professionally and with most recent knowledge.

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